About us

We specialize in Producing premium grade extra virgin olive oil, premium Dates, and a variety of local Middle Eastern herbs and spices.

Our products are sustainably farmed, harvested, and packed proudly by local farmers in Palestine and Jordan, We also support local Palestinian businesses producing clothing, jewelry, furniture, and other arts & crafts, many of which are hand-made unique pieces.

We aim to develop positive working relationships with consumers and distributors in order to build long-lasting partnerships and sustainable businesses. Our goal is to supply various customers globally, ensuring agricultural, post-harvest handling, processing, packaging and labelling requirements are met for every market/buyer worldwide. We strive to maintain quality and authenticity, and can re-trace any of our products directly back to the farm/workshop they originated from, while also ensuring that materials are ethically sourced and that workers are paid fairly at our partner farms and packing facilities


Our mission is to support local farmers and producers through sustainable agriculture that does not harm the environment. For this reason, we practice more traditional, gentle methods such as :

  • In traditional olive cultivation, the ripe olives are shaken from the trees by hand. The use of machinery is deliberately avoided in order to protect the native bird species that nest in the olive trees.
  • Using recyclable/compostable materials in our packaging .

As part of our social responsibility and ethical practice initiatives, we strive to adhere to an ethos of responsible, sustainable, and environmentally conscious farming at every step. We are also proud to be engaged in charitable projects addressing gender equality and economic integration of women in Palestine and Jordan, spreading awareness about food-related health problems and risk factors, among other initiatives.

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